Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist

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In 2003, the small town of Erie, Pennsylvania was rocked by an incident known as the “collar bomb” or “pizza bomber” case. 

This documentary centers around a bank heist and a man, now known as Brian Wells, who had a collar bomb strapped around his neck. In this four part series, the Evil Genius documentary uncovers who was involved, the motive for the bank heist as well as many of the other “coincidental” deaths surrounding this incident.

Who was the “evil genius” that devised the plan and executed it?

What do a pizza delivery man, a collar bomb, a bank heist, and a scavenger hunt all have in common? 

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Evil Genius Netflix Crime Documentary

It seems the death of Brian Wells and his co-worker, Rob Pinetti, weren’t the only victims the police had to deal with.

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Evil Genius Episode 2 Zetas Crypt

As the tangled web of  Marjorie Dielh-Armstrong and Bill Rothstein’s relationship begin to come undone, we learn about other key players that took part in the “collar bomb” case. 

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Evil Genius Netflix Crime Documentary Suspects List

Just when you thought the case was sealed shut, Dielh-Armstrong and her many co-conspirators being sentenced, new information resurfaces.  Will Jessica Hoopsick shed more light on Brian Wells’ implication? 

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Evil Genius Netflix Crime Documentary Jessica Hoopsick

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