Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer

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Night stalker

In 1985. the city of Los Angeles was hit with a series of brutal crimes with a random range of victims. With a huge territory covered around Los Angeles and the speed of which the Night Stalker was committing these heinous acts left many wondering if they would be next.

In this Netflix documentary, we uncover who was this nighttime intruder who left as trail of destruction in his wake.

What starts off as a string of home invasions and murders quickly escalate to so much more. 

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As the list of victims grow exponentially, many residents of Los Angeles are left being terrified of the Night Stalker

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Detectives and law enforcements are putting the pressure on the Night Stalker as some crimes in San Franscisco start looking very similar to those in Los Angeles.

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Who is Richard Ramirez? Law enforcements and the citizens of Los Angeles are determined to find out.

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