Do you dare to enter the morbid and unusual side of storytelling?

Creepypasta is a modern incarnation of the campfire ghost story, varying in length from just a few sentences to several pages worth of reading these stories are spread virally through the internet via social media. By now there are 10’s of thousands of these stories on the internet, and as the years progressed and the genre grew it left the obscure corners of the internet and headed to the mainstream with Youtubers clocking in millions of views daily on these spooky stories.

While occasionally a story may dabble in reality the vast majority of these stories are completely fiction. You’ve nothing to fear from their ominous endings, enjoy the ride!

Trigger Warning: Some people find the images & tales themselves quite terrifying and gruesome. If you’ve got a weak stomach…



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Our Top 3

The Russian Sleep Experiment

Squidward's Suicide

The Slenderman Cometh