Moral corruption doesn't even begin to describe it

Since the dawn of time, humans have been linked to violence. There may  be different reasons for why someone will resort to doing unimaginable acts. What’s more, the biggest question that many of us have to face is “would I ever resort to this?” The term “crime” ranges from robberies, assault, trafficking, to the more sinister acts like murder. 

Criminals come from wide ranges of background but one thing is certain, their past experiences and trauma definitely play a part in their future actions. Many factors come at play. From the Macdonald Triad (arson, cruelty to animals, bedwetting) to past abuse from trusted individuals in their lives, it is clear to see that criminals are not merely “born this way”.


Ready to take a deep dive into the psyche of the sociopathic, the psychotic and the mad?

Criminal Records


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Fred and Rose West

Bonnie and Clyde

Black Dahlia